Delivery based Consultancy


We strongly believe that by using our predefined deliverables we ensure that your requirements are being fulfilled.


Finding the right solution fit is not always easy. Thats why we like to use our business development toolkit, to help us understand your business model even better.

By using our structured approach we can ensure that each step in the process on our way to a new laboratory is fully covered.


We will do this the with an Agile mind-set and Lean approach.


Customer fit Result

Business Value: Maximized business value (outcome) not optimized output, the Agile way

Guarantee: We commit ourselves to the result

Time-boxed: predefined number of sprints getting the best business values

Deliverable based: Depending on each step in the process (silver, gold & platinum versions)

Price: Depending on deliverables and location. We are happy to inform you

We will do (maximized outcome)
Delivery Based Agile Consultancy
We will not do (many output):
Delivery Based Non-agile Consultancy
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