Step 1 – Data Collection


Is there a need for a laboratory and why is it needed?


Maybe you could consider to outsource the laboratory work?


When the decision is made that a laboratory is needed we should start from the beginning. Therefore data has to be collected because this will form the basis for a new laboratory.


The major questions are:

  • What will be analyzed (which samples) in the laboratory?
  • How many analysis/tests will be performed per period?
  • In addition you might have an analytical Schedule available?

Some other interesting questions will be:

  • Can you share the Location of the laboratory?
  • Please advise what kind of space is available?
  • Do you already know the people that will be working in the laboratory?
  • Are there numbers and in addition an overview of their experience available?
  • Is there an analytical schedule available? Hence what are the standard methods used for analysis?
  • Are there any local regulations/laws impacting the laboratory we should implement?
  • Are there any specific preferences/demands from client?
  • When do samples arrive and how fast do results need to be reported

During the process additional questions will be asked. For which some needs to be decided upon.