Step 3 –  Creating Equipment List (and optimizing it)


In this phase we create the equipment list. To accomplish that we will use the analytical schedule as basis.


Consequently we need to know which kind of equipment is needed and how many. In addition – depending on the quantity of analysis and preferences of the client a level of automation can be decided.


Depending on the need of the client the equipment list can be further studied and expanded. Consequently depending on the data collection and the local situation the brands and models can be advised. In addition there are various factors influencing the decision.


Factors of influence

  • What is the quality level required?
  • What is the budget (price)
  • Does the client have experience with certain brands/models?
  • What kind of local support is there in that area/region/country?
  • what level of automation does the client prefer?
  • Is the equipment easy to operate?
  • Are there any further equipment requirements?

Combining information


The combination of the analytical schedule, equipment list and other information gathered during the data collection is the basis for laboratory design.

Equipment List
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