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Laboratory supplier with a no-nonsense mentality.

Keeping the process simple


Designing and Engineering a new laboratory is a complex process. It comes with a lot of variables. We offer a complete set of solutions to help you as a customer. Please take a look at our Laboratory Design Canvas (c).


We also strongly believe that designing the right laboratory, is also related to making the best fit on your businessmodel. We can help you as a customer to understand your business even better by using our new lean business development toolkit for that.

Recent Cost Saving for a Client0

As your Full Service Laboratory Supplier & Integrator we use an unique Agile type way of working that will save you a lot of money. This speeds up the  engineering process and laboratory design significantly.


As a result of our unique approach we guarantee to enhance your Return on Investment and Deliver your laboratory faster.


Finally we can also support you on each individual step in the process.

Nen Standards Committee Member

We are also proud to be a member of the NEN standards committee keeping the laboratory standards high and simple.

Only happy when it works


Recent received e-mail from a customer that made us smile:

“I would like to say a very special thank you to both of you and your teams for working with us and for us in getting to these results. This is what team work is all about!  – Marina R. “

We helped our customer in designing their new lean laboratory to state of the art laboratory standards. For this we used Revit to create a full 3D walk-through experience. Showed our added value in helping our customer to work out improvements on safety, ergonomics, DEP, workflow, air-handling and user-experience.


Happy employees, customers and partners are most important to us. We regularly ask you for your feedback. We are only happy if you are happy.


Customer feedback helps us to continuous innovate and improve our work and it helps us both with a working laboratory Fit4Purpose.


That’s why we always say “We are only happy if it works”.

Wanted: LabGuru


We strongly believe in each individual and his or her personal skills and talents. When you choose Labs31 as your labguru we will manage all possible roadblocks.


We will work on a good harmonic relation with all other involved parties. From starting point up to a new fully working laboratory – together with you – a happy customer.

This is why we are working with professionals – all labgurus- individuals with skills – specialized for each part of the process in getting a new laboratory or improve your current lab.


We call them our Macgyver’s, Project Integrators or just Tomas and Angela. Together we are your Full Service Laboratory Supplier & Integrator and Labguru.

Let's connect

Laboratory Design Canvas (c) Labs31 2019

About Us


We call ourselves Labs thirty-one for a reason. We have Dutch roots and are proud of that, ’31’ is our country-code. We have a typical dutch no nonsense mentality, we want to connect people and are result driven.


Labs is the abbreviation of Laboratory. We know all about laboratories and consider ourselves an expert who can help you in many possible ways. If we don’t know it, we find the answer together with you. We are also working closely with good third parties who have proven themselves in the laboratory business.


Our core values are Transparant, Involved, Trust and Happy. We are very happy to have our head-office in the ultimate transparant ‘Van Nelle Fabriek’. It’s an unique old Coffee & Tabac Factory re-designed for companies who love collaboration like we do. With his unique architecture it is placed in 2014 on the Unesco World Heritage List.


Together we find the right solution for your request or challenge and off-course we are willing to serve you good Coffee as well and show you around in our head-office.